Welcome! I’m Jim Riesberg

My wife, Sharron, and I have lived in District 50 for 38 years, and during that time have been actively involved in numerous activities to improve the quality of life of all the citizens of the District and the cities of Greeley, Evans and Garden City.  We are thrilled with the amenities, and cultural and educational opportunities.  Sharron and our daughter and I have each earned two degrees from UNC, and a granddaughter has earned one.

Sharron and I are proud Colorado natives and our two grown children and four of our five grandchildren, who are an important part of our lives, were born in Greeley.

I entered this race because I see a vital need in our current political environment for strong leaders with positive values who are not going to just criticize, condemn and complain, but will stand up to find positive solutions to difficult problems.  Over the years I have demonstrated my dedication to collaboration, inclusiveness, continuous learning, constituent communication and accountability.

My strong passion to serve is guided by my moral and ethical standards, integrity, personal experiences, and the belief that I have the right skills, knowledge, talent, credibility, and time and energy to truly make a positive difference in how we govern.  I never considered myself to be a “politician” and worked hard to develop a reputation as a “statesman”.

I have the experience and expertise to tackle the full range of issues that will come up in this campaign and be addressed in the 2019-20 Legislative session:  aging, the state budget, broadband access, civility, civil rights, community involvement, diversity, energy, the environment, education, the economy, health care, homelessness, hunger, jobs, justice, science, telemedicine, transportation and mobility.


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